Stop guessing. Start creating the life you want.

You can nail the Law of Attraction and start manifesting what you want starting today!

I know how it sounds…and I’ve heard your challenges. You’ve been doing everything you’ve been told… positive thinking, affirmations, meditating, vision boards… and still you aren’t getting the results you want. 

You’re brilliant at manifesting in some areas but in others it feels like you’re stuck on a hamster wheel – it’s just the same old thing year after year…

You know what you want but it’s still not happening!

Is this whole Law of Attraction thing even for real?

Am I in the ballpark?

You work hard, you care, and you’ve got (most of) your life together. So you’re wondering why you can’t seem to…

  • Make the money you want
  • Have the freedom you crave
  • Have the love and connection you long for
  • Stop worrying or feeling afraid

It’s not for lack of trying! You’ve been at this for ages.


Don’t be hard on yourself.

Maybe you’ve read about the Law of Attraction and watched a few documentaries about it. You know there’s something to it but you can’t get it to work for you – at least not consistently.

As simple as it sounds, attracting what you want can be a little tricky.

It’s hard to figure out where your thinking is off and  when you’re not actually being a match to what you really want. Because, the truth is, we’re really good at noticing what we don’t like. It’s in our nature and it’s part of the creation process. But it’s just the first step. There’s lots of important steps after that.   

So… wouldn’t it be amazing to really understand how to make cool stuff happen?

To step into that place where everything feels fun and easy?

To feel happy and excited because everything’s working out for you beyond your wildest dreams?

Because you’re already good at it – you’ve just gotten a little mixed up…

Hey there, I’m Sandi Lee and I love helping people live their Best Lives Ever!

Forget about feeling unhappy, worried, irritated, confused, overwhelmed, disappointed, anxious… all those yucky feelings that hang around you like a little black cloud. Enough already!

It’s time to find out why you’re not getting what you want and to switch that around. Start living the life you were meant to live. You know there’s more don’t you?

Stop just wishing everything will change.

I know what the missing pieces are between where you are and where you want to be and I can help you.

For years now, I’ve helped clients create happiness and love and money and watched them fulfill their dreams. And really there’s nothing more satisfying for me than hearing how amazing their lives are now and how things keep getting better and better.


So, if you’re someone who knows there’s more and you’re ready to start living the life you know in your heart you were meant to live, then I want to help you do that.

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Real Results

I Brought in $25,800

“When Sandi and I first sat down together, I was feeling desperate. My taxes and rent were due in 8 days and I didn’t know how I was going to make that happen. Within the first 5 days of working together I brought in $25,800! And the amazing part is how easy it was!”

Mary T

Excited About Life

“Sandi is a very sensitive coach. She is so good at feeling my energy and bringing me up to a higher level of vibration through fun and powerful processes. She’s very good at asking powerful questions that help me think in a different way. She is loving and caring which makes it a very comfortable experience each time. After our work, I always feel excited about life and all the possibilities ahead.”

Marie-Eve Bisson

solo artist with Cirque du Soleil

A Life Changing Experience

“Before I started to work with Sandi I was in a huge dilemma about giving up the store that I had owned for 10 years. The economy was down & I had serious doubts I could sell it, but I wanted out. I had been in turmoil for 3 years worrying about disappointing my clients.

It was during our work together that I finally got the clarity, resolution & forgiveness to finally let go of the store regardless of what direction it took…”

Mikki Prost
professional actress and vocalist

I Found the King of My World

“I started working with Sandi to find the love of my life. I never had an issue meeting guys or keeping them, but I also never had anyone that I was really matched with on the level that I so desired. Within a month of working with Sandi I found the absolute king of my world and now we are planning our fabulous life together. I’m with someone who I have dreamed of my entire life. Someone who blows my mind with how I feel daily. Someone who inspires me, drives me, loves me and brings me alive in ways I didn’t know were inside me.

Sandi has provided me with the tools to succeed in any realm of life that I want. Ask, listen for the answer, be willing to accept, and everything you have ever and will ever want will be at your fingertips. You can have it ALL. And if there is one person in this entire universe that I know can help you get there, it’s Sandi. She is an absolute daily inspiration to me. Working with Sandi has allowed me to open my eyes to the possibilities and growth of the universe. I am, and always will be eternally grateful for her incredible soul.”

Andrea Katz

Lead Me to My Own Enlightenment

“Sandi truly has a powerful and incontestable knowledge of the Law of Attraction. Her understanding and mastery of this Law and how to attract everything you want in your life makes her an expert in the field. The teachings of Abraham Hicks hold no secrets for her. She was able to lead me to much enlightenment in my own personal journey and bring me to an understanding of the dominant principles that have helped me greatly in my profession. It is a blessing if you can get her to assist you in your own voyage!”

Jonathan Morin
solo artist with Cirque du Soleil

A Dramatic Difference

“I have really enjoyed my coaching sessions with Sandi. She is a very perceptive person and has a talent for zeroing in on the issue or concern. She has given me wonderful tools and techniques to use in my professional life that have made a dramatic difference. My life is more harmonious and enjoyable for me and for the people I interact with.”

Patricia Haakonson

I Developed a Clear Vision

“My one-on- one coaching sessions with Sandi were invaluable to me. When I first started, my confidence was pretty low and general outlook was negative. With Sandi’s guidance, knowledge and positivity – I’ve developed a clear vision of what I want in life and am now armed to make it happen! My overall happiness and joy has increased 10 fold which has been noticed by my friends, family and most importantly – myself. Today, I enjoy a greater sense of self-worth and more meaning and purpose in my life. I would highly recommend Sandi as a coach for realizing your dreams in success, relationships, health and happiness!”

Rachel Roulston

Re-aligned with My Purpose

“I had already been practicing positive thinking and calling in what I wanted/needed (and plenty of what I didn’t want too) before I met Sandi. However, once equipped with the precise tools AND the mentor who could pinpoint the subtleties that I was unaware that I was doing: things changed. Drastically. What I learned from Sandi is that the Law of Attraction WORKS!

Sandi was a pivotal partner in helping me re-align with my purpose. She showed me my potential in ways that others couldn’t get through to me. She helped me raise the bar on what was possible for me to create for my life. Her belief in my work and in me, helped me to stay focused when I wanted to quit.

I don’t know where I’d be today without Sandi’s incredible presence, perceptive knowledge, and loving inspiration in my life. Thank you for mentoring me on becoming a manifesting master. I love you Sandi.”

Yarah Sutra


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