Do you feel like a Superhero in some areas of your life but like you’ve got kryptonite chained to your chest in others? You’re not alone but that doesn’t make it any less frustrating to want something and to not have it.

Our desires are endless. And that’s a great thing. Desires create expansion and growth, not just for us but for everyone. They propel us forward and call us into new perspectives and experiences. They make our lives exciting and fun to anticipate.

They can also frustrate the heck out of us when we don’t get them. So why is it that even though you really want something and you think about having it and you feel like you are working hard to get it that it still eludes you? The truth is you’re not a match – not yet anyway. If you were, you’d have it.

That’s good news and bad. The good news is that you have a lot of great things in your life that you are a match to and that you have created that do please you – take note! The bad news is you aren’t quite lined up with this particular thing that you say you want. And, that’s okay. It’s great feedback.

So here’s the key, and if you’re a student of the Law of Attraction you know this, whenever you give your unquestioned attention to something you’re creating a vibrational harmony with it and the Universe responds by bringing you other thoughts, things, people, events and circumstances that contain that same vibrational essence.

You see, usually it’s not that you don’t know what you want, it’s just that you aren’t really aligned with the belief that it will really happen for you. In truth, you are giving more attention to what is going on in front of you or the fact that you don’t have it than you are to what you do want and how amazing it will be to create it and have it.

You are the Creator of your own reality. Your perception of the world is the platform for the world you will create. All of your beliefs and experiences are the framework for what you are going to manifest. You’ve built a momentum around the stories and the decisions that you have made about life and are attracting things into your life to match them. For the most part that’s good but if you want to change what you’re getting you have to be able to give your attention to what you want and that means releasing attention to any old beliefs that don’t support you and giving full attention to your vision.

Here’s a test to see how you’re doing. When you think about what you want do you feel a sense of disappointment, overwhelm, confusion, doubt or frustration? Or can you say that you are eager, expectant and in complete anticipation of it showing up? If you notice any twinges of doubt (I feel mine in my chest) then you’re not sending out a pure intent. You’ve got mixed signals. Here’s an exercise that you can use that will help you to turn that around whenever you feel yourself slipping.

Ask yourself “What is it that I do want?” Now give your attention to that. Imagine it, elaborate on it, revel in it, really feel how wonderful it would be to have that. Now show the Universe that you are serious and go and do something to support it. When your thoughts and desires are in harmony and your action supports them then you are in the flow and doors will open everywhere.