What if you had your very own genie?

And, what if, instead of 3 wishes, that genie gave you unlimited wishes?

You could have anything that you wanted – you just had to ask and believe.

Then, to make things really fun, the genie would lead you on a scavenger hunt to gather up all the necessary pieces.

Now, these scavenger hunts were not ordinary in any way. They were amazing. You got to go to great places, meet wonderful people, be given great resources and learn fantastic things along the way. You also found that as you went along in your scavenger hunt that you had this amazing power. When you were on the right track and moving toward a piece that you were searching for that you would feel great and when you were heading off in the wrong direction you would feel crummy. So you could quickly adjust your course and find your way to what you wanted.

When you completed the scavenger hunt and the last piece was put in place you were elated and loved what you had assembled. These scavenger hunts were so much fun that almost as soon as you were done with one you were ready for another adventure and you would come up with something else that you wanted and off you would go.

The genie is the Law of Attraction and this is virtually how it works. Whatever you focus on expands. When you give your attention to something that you want and you don’t contradict your desire in any way it either just shows up or you are given inspiration to take action. What usually happens it that we just begin to move forward in the complete expectation that things will line up for us and that we will get what we want or something even better Because, honestly, the Universe knows exactly what is a perfect match for us.

So how do you know that you’re headed in the right direction? It’s a bit like playing “Hotter and Colder” when we were kids. We would hide something and when the seeker would get close to it we would tell them they were getting hotter. When they started to move away from it we would tell them they were getting colder.

The Universe works in the same way. You know you’re going in the right direction and getting closer to what you want when you feel excited or interested or happy and are experiencing any of the positive emotions. When you’re moving away from what you want you’ll know it too because you’re feeling discouraged or frustrated or any of the other negative emotions.