How is it that you can set a goal and make absolutely no progress with it even though you really, really, really want it?

But yet other goals can be surprisingly simple to accomplish?

You feel like you wanted them all equally but some stay frustratingly elusive and others are absolutely no problem.

What’s the difference?

I couldn’t figure this one out for the longest time although I had lots of theories…

  • I thought maybe it had to do with how visual I was with the goal, with how many of my senses I brought into the process (this does help by the way).
  • I thought maybe it was how well I broke the goal down into actionable steps (also helpful).
  • Maybe it had to do with how diligent I was at checking in with myself on them or whether I was accountable to someone (also great).
  • Maybe it had to do with setting milestones and short-term goals with Tangible, Measurable Results (TMRs) – very good strategies as well.
  • Maybe it was based on how much I wanted that thing.
  • But the more I have learned about the Law of Attraction, the more I have come to understand its premise which is…

What You Focus on Expands

Let me say a little more about that before I go any further.

The Law of Attraction isn’t like a benevolent God who is looking down on us and deciding that Shirley really wants to lose 40 lbs. and she’s a really nice person so she deserves that and presto – there it is – beautiful, slender body.

Law of Attraction is more like gravity in that it’s impersonal. It doesn’t think. It just responds. It doesn’t respond to what we ask for or what we say, it responds to how we are vibrating. And we all vibrate. Everything has a vibration. We know that at the heart of everything we are all swirling clusters of atoms and within that we are quarks and pulses and wavelengths – basically energy transmitters and receivers. And we send our signals out across the Universe and the Universe responds to that transmission by bringing us things that match our vibrations.

We’ve all experienced this both in positive ways and in not so pleasant ways. We’ve all had those days when everything goes right. You hit every green light, you get the perfect parking place, the people working in the stores and restaurants are cheerful and friendly, the service and food are amazing, your work is fun, your conversations are especially interesting, you find yourself laughing and enjoying yourself and you tuck yourself into bed with a smile on your face and a deep love of your life.

And then there are the days when we get out of bed on the wrong side and it just seems like one thing after another goes wrong. We’ve all had those too.

And it’s not because it’s a different Universe, it’s because “what we focus on expands” and when we’re in a foul mood the Universe will bring us more things that match it.

Okay, so back to goals, and listen closely, here’s the key…

How Were You Feeling When You Set Your Goal?

Were you excited and expectant?

Or were you frustrated, feeling desperate or angry with yourself?

Were you feeling disappointed with your results in the past and wanting to get your act together?

Does it go something like this…

“Alright, this is the year I’m really going to make this happen. I can’t stand this anymore. It’s just ridiculous. I’m going to get in shape and lose that extra weight. I’m tired of looking like a slob and I’m going to make lots of money and pay off all of my debts – I hate being in debt.”

How do you think that the impersonal Law of Attraction will respond to this?

I can tell you. At the end of the year you are even more out of shape and feel like more of a slob and you are still in debt and you still hate being in debt. It’s been a disappointing year. And, oh goodie, it’s time to set some more New Year’s Resolutions. Really? Even the word “resolution” is negative. It implies discipline, hard work and denial. Yuck.

So, let’s turn this around and have some fun. Let’s start with the feelings that you want to create more of this year.

Yes, that’s right…

What Do You Want to Feel?

Do you want to feel more abundance, freedom, love, kindness, accomplishment, expansion, growth, delight, adventure, fun?

Let’s start with three feelings that you want to experience more of this year. Because the truth is that everything we want is because we are looking for a feeling that we believe will come from that. We might want money because we think we will enjoy the feeling of abundance that having money can give us.

So just skip to the end. What’s the feeling you are looking for?

Since “what we focus on expands” if you focus on the feeling, then the Universe will bring you more things that match that feeling. If you focus on the “feeling of abundance” then you are transmitting a “vibration of abundance” and the Universe will bring you all kinds of things that feel abundant. Am I making sense?

Let’s Try It

Let’s use abundance for our example.

Think about abundance in any form: the number of leaves on a tree, all the blades of grass in a lawn, all the air, sunshine, clouds and water. Think of your home with its running water, its plumbing and heating/cooling, your stove and refrigerator, your warm bed and comfortable furniture, your clothes and shoes, all the foods that we have available at any time.

It’s amazing!

Now go back in your mind and think of times when you felt abundant. Look at your life and find places where there is abundance and really build that feeling.

Now will you do yourself a favor? Will you stop here and go back through that paragraph and really think about the wonder of those things and really appreciate them and really build that sense of abundance? Really milk it for all it’s worth. Then you will know what I am talking about and in this moment your life will begin to change. It has to – you are controlling the foundational Law of the Universe to create more abundance in your life.

Beautiful. Now do that for the three feelings you would like more of.

When you complete each one, check in with yourself. If, for example, your three feelings were abundance, freedom and love, then ask yourself, “Do I feel abundant? Do I have a sense of freedom? Do I feel loving?” You want to feel amazing. You want to stimulate those feelings and really build momentum. You want to feel those feelings as strongly as possible. The stronger the feeling, the stronger the signal you are sending out and the stronger your power of attraction.

Now add this powerful statement for each feeling…

“I Love the Feeling of ___________________ “

“I love the feeling of _______, I love the idea of feeling it more and more and I love the idea of noticing it in my life more and more.”

Make sure you say “I love the idea of…” That is really key. Let me explain why.

The Law of Attraction is responding to your vibration so you want to be very careful that everything you say is absolutely pure and doesn’t cause an opposite feeling to arise. For example, I might say “I love having money” but if I don’t have enough money right now then I might notice a sense of anxiety or the energy I use when I say it might be diminished or I might hear a contrary comment in my head. When you say, “I love the idea of…” then whatever follows will not bring up any resistance. And whatever you resist persists. It is also Law. If you feel resistance then that would be where you are truly vibrating and all the positive verbalizations are not going to override that.

Start With This

Three feelings you’d like to experience more of. And if you want to really put some oomph into this exercise, you can add more power to your desires by building momentum.

You do this by reflecting on them often in this same way and giving them more of your attention. Remember, “What you focus on expands”. Reminding yourself of feelings that you love is an amazing way to start your day and noticing how they are showing up in your life is an amazing way to really begin seeing what a powerful creator you are.