What if you were born with a really cool gift – a little cell phone that connected you directly to Source, to God, to All-That-Is.

And all day long, everyday, Source was texting you guidance and information to help you along in your life experience.

But let’s say that you were never taught how to use this phone. You would just feel this annoying buzzing in your pocket. Because you didn’t know how to read the messages you just continued along your journey giving it your best shot but feeling a little lost and alone. You would pray for guidance and your phone would buzz but you were taught that the buzzing wasn’t anything significant so you would just ignore it.

Sound far-fetched?

It’s actually even better than that.

You were born with an incredible gift. The gift to know in every moment what Source is thinking, to know exactly how you stand in relation to Source and in relation to what you want to create. This gift was built into our very essence. In fact, we came to this earth knowing that we would always be in constant communication with Source and that we would have constant guidance.

This built in, direct link, is our Emotions.

Our Emotions tell us, in every moment, how our view of our world lines up with the view that Source has and we feel it as a vibration. The vibration is interpreted as an emotion. When we are on the same wavelength or vibration as Source we feel positive emotions. When we are viewing things in a way that Source doesn’t, we feel negative emotions. The further our thinking is from that of Source the worse we feel and likewise the closer our thinking is to that of Source the more amazing we feel.

If you think of yourself as putting out a “vibe” then it will begin to make more sense. If you are feeling “down” you are putting out a low vibration. This low vibration doesn’t match up with Source’s higher vibration so it feels uncomfortable to you. You interpret this as a negative emotion such as sadness. When you are laughing and having fun you are vibrating at a higher frequency and you are matching up to Source’s higher frequency vibration and it feels comfortable to you. You interpret this as a positive emotion such as happiness.

There are basically just 2 emotions. Those that feel positive or good to us and those that feel negative or bad to us. When we are feeling negative emotions we can know that we aren’t looking at our situation the way that Source is and that we’re off-track. What we want is no longer making it’s way toward us. When we’re feeling positive emotions we can know we’re on track and what we want is coming to us.

If, for example, you start thinking that nothing is working out for you and you can’t get what you want, you will notice that you feel awful. That’s because that’s not how Source sees it and it simply isn’t true. The truth is that things are always working out for you and that you can have what you want.

If, on the other hand, you are thinking about what a beautiful world you live in and how incredible nature is, you will notice that you feel great. That’s because, you guessed it, that’s exactly how Source sees it too.

Check it out and see if what I say is true. Watch how you‘re feeling over the next couple of days and what it was that you were thinking about that caused the feelings. And the best part is that when you’re feeling positive emotions, you’re a match to more things that make you feel great. Remember, like attracts like.